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Temporary Resident Visa

Want to visit Canada temporarily? We offer excellent services for various types of Temporary Visa applications. Drop us a line to know if you are eligible!

Visitor Visa

If you wish to come to Canada for up to six months, we can certainly provide you the assistance you need in acquiring a Visitor Visa. 

Visitor Visa Extension

In case you are already staying in Canada as a visitor and wish to extend your stay, you can connect with us, and we will guide you through the process.

Super Visa

A Super Visa allows you to have your parents or grandparents stay with you for up to two years at a time. This visa provides multiple entries for a period of up to ten years. Connect with us today to know more!

Work Permit

We handle work permit applications for Individuals who want to work in Canada as temporary foreign workers. We also assist employers in finding qualified international candidates and taking care of the entire Immigration process for them. We also help international students and temporary foreign workers with the open work permit applications for their spouse or common-law partners.

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