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4 Easiest provinces to get PR in Canada in 2022

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Through the Canadian Provincial Nominee programme, each province can choose applicants who fit its particular requirements and submit their applications for permanent residency in Canada. There are more than eighty PNPs in Canada, and each one has a different set of prerequisites. Therefore, choosing a province to call home is a difficult decision.

Here are top 4 provinces to get PR in Canada in 2022

1. Alberta

Alberta is a province in western Canada that is home to major cities like Calgary and Edmonton. Given Alberta's robust job market and well-established educational system, relocating there permanently is a fantastic option.

This province issues invitations to qualified candidates in the express entry pool, Alberta PNP could be a good choice for people with low CRS scores.

2. Ontario

Foreign workers, international students and others with the right skills, experience and education apply to the OINP ( Ontario immigrant nominee programme) for a nomination.

The OINP (Ontario immigrant nominee programme) recognizes and nominates people for permanent residence who have the skills and experience the Ontario economy needs, and the Government of Canada makes the final decision to approve applications. for permanent residence.

The Human Capital Priorities stream in Ontario is a fantastic choice for applicants who live outside of Canada. This stream gives priority to qualified candidates who can fill skilled employment positions in the province. Apart from the Human Capital Priorities stream, OINP has 8 other streams you may qualify for.

3. Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia has the second-highest population density in the country despite being the second-smallest province. It is one of the three maritime provinces and a part of Atlantic Canada. The largest cities in Canada's oldest province include Sydney, Wolfville, Peggy's Cove, and Halifax, the provincial capital.

One of Nova Scotia's most well-known attractions is the Stronghold of Louisbourg, a National Historic Site that has a partially restored 18th-century French stronghold and offers seafood such as fresh lobster feasts.

There are numerous financial institutions, companies, and agencies in the province of Nova Scotia. Candidates with the necessary qualifications in financial studies can find excellent work prospects in these stable financial companies. Working here practically assures immigrants and their families of a secure future. People who work or study in the finance industry are typically advised to apply for Canadian PR through Nova Scotia.

4. Saskatchewan

Candidates who have any family relations residing in Saskatchewan are awarded extra points by this province. For those applicants who have not used the express entry method, this province also has the Saskatchewan express entry stream and the occupation in demand stream. The International Skilled Worker Program in Saskatchewan is for applicants who have expertise in the professions that are in high demand in the province.

Saskatchewan's International Skilled Worker programme makes it easier for people who work in the province's most in-demand profession to immigrate. The province has recently increased the number of in-demand professions on its list and broadened the pool of applicants.

Undoubtedly, the immigration procedure can be challenging. However, if you are persistent and meticulous in your document completion, you can be rewarded with a promising future in Canada. Get in contact with us if you're still trying to pick which Canadian province to apply for PNP through. Top immigration professionals, who can provide the greatest guidance and support in selecting the ideal province for your Canadian immigration, contact Magnitude immigration now!

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