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5 Things To Do In Canada

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Geographically speaking, Canada is a huge and varied wonderland. Each province has its own personality and provides the tourist in search of adventure with special treasures.

Here are the top 5 things one can do in Canada

1. Banff National Park

The distinction of being Canada's first national park belongs to Banff National Park. This premier park receives more than three million visitors each year. A plethora of outdoor activities is available to visitors year-round in Banff because it is a member of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is 190 km of mountain biking routes, 1,600 km of maintained hiking paths, cross-country and alpine skiing, mountain villages to explore, scenic drives, and plenty of wildlife and birds to see and photograph in the park. The Cave and Basin National Historic Site, which offers tours of hot mineral springs, stargazing, and live performances, is a must-see attraction for tourists.

2. Butchart Garden

Although it is beautiful all year round, it is best to visit in the months of July and August. It's a good idea to download a Map & Guide in advance of going because it provides a brief history, descriptions of the five gardens—Sunken, Japanese, Rose, Italian, and Mediterranean—as well as information on the Star Pond off the Japanese Garden and the Piazza between the Italian and Mediterranean gardens. This guide is available in 22 different languages. Three eateries, a seed and gift shop, and a plant identification counter with knowledgeable staff members are all present. Dog leashes, umbrellas, strollers, and wheelchairs are all available for loan at the visitor centre.

3. Canada’s Wonderland

Canada’s Wonderland is the best water park and entertainment park in Canada. This park offers everything, from exhilarating rides to lively street fairs and live performances. Kids of all ages can enjoy over 75 rides, from the youngest rides like Taxi Jam to the most thrilling ones like Soaring Timbers. All ages can enjoy the Splash Island Kiddie Slides and Muskoka Plunge, two of the splash park's attractions that are included with Canada Wonderland admission. By purchasing a Fast Lane or Fast Lane Plus wristband, riders can bypass the line at some well-known park attractions. Along with a constant stream of events, there are also several shows to keep you entertained.

4. CN tower

The CN Tower offers the absolute greatest views of Toronto. At an incredible elevation of 1,136 feet, the LookOut Level provides floor-to-ceiling panoramic window walls that offer panoramic views you've never seen. On the LookOut Level, visitors may also discover the Horizons Restaurant. Visitors can have a 1,122-foot vertical perspective at The Glass Floor. It was the first of its type and gave rise to several transparent floor experiences all around the world. At this level lies the Outdoor Sky Terrace as well. The astounding 1,465-foot SkyPod provides visitors with interpretive exhibits. Visitors can observe a pendulum show how the tower sways in the wind. The tower is encircled by Edge Walk, the highest hands-free walking ledge in the world.

5. Hopewell rocks

Visitors to Moncton, New Brunswick, can witness the highest tides in the world just over an hour away. To fully appreciate this amazing phenomenon, tourists should make plans for both high and low tides. During low tide, visitors can stroll the somewhat muddy beaches beneath the enormous rock formations, and during high tide, they can go on guided or unguided kayak tours among the same rocks. While the Low Tide Café only serves snacks, the High Tide Café offers a full menu and an outdoor deck. A network of paths, a gift shop, an informative centre, and a few caves are also present. The Demoiselle Beach peregrine falcons, the Bay of Fundy shorebirds, and the 300-year-old Acadian barrier are all interesting sights.

Our most incredible list of experiences in Canada comes to an end now. The opportunities for fun in Canada are virtually endless. It would take a lifetime to experience everything Canada has to offer, from touring Vancouver Island to viewing the totem poles in Stanley Park in British Columbia to the Fundy Footpath in Halifax Harbour.

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